Spend your time using great input, not collecting bad data

Automated scientific surveys for parents, communities, staff and students

Introducing FlashVote For Schools - the scientific way to survey and engage.

Now you can stop wasting time and money on bad data from unrepresentative online surveys and engagement. With FlashVote, every school district can have statistically valid parent input - 90% faster, easier and cheaper. You get true and defensible data to make the best decisions instead. And watch your "squeaky wheels" go quiet - without any grease.

Watch this 3 minute video to see the huge difference between FlashVote scientific surveys and the input you're getting now. You'll also learn why you need to hear from the many, not just the noisy.


FlashVote is the solution you've dreamed of to help serve everyone better:

  • Professionally drafted questions
  • Automated emails, texts and phone calls
  • Preferred language options
  • Complete results in 48 hours
  • Statistically valid data
  • Simple interactive reports
  • Set-it-and-forget-it scheduling

We invested years and millions to create a super easy and inclusive scientific survey solution for school districts of all sizes. Use FlashVote throughout the year to get the information you want, right when you need it. Make all your important decisions easier and better.

Leading local governments across the country trust FlashVote to help them make the right decisions. You can too.

With more representative data from FlashVote, you can make better plans and decisions.

This means you will:

  • Make parents happier
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Quickly build trust
  • Stretch your dollars more

We've already helped local governments make their communities happier, while saving millions of dollars.

We can help your school district too.

Check out some FlashVote case studies from:


Prevented bad service and saved serious money.
[Watch video above (1:04)]


Dodged a $30 million mistake by using our survey data.
[Watch video above (1:08)]


Helped cut $2 million from a budget while building trust.
[Watch video above (1:30)]


We make it effortless and affordable to have all the high quality survey data you need. You can survey and engage your stakeholders better, easier and more affordably than you ever imagined.

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